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About Callie

Athlete/Host/Speaker/Model/Professional American 

Her passion for sports lead to a love of fitness, as Callie says "the harder you train, the better you play".  As a result, she started competing in the NPC (National Physique Committee) once she was done with her athletic career. She earned her professional status in the sport as an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) 
Bikini competitor

Callie also likes to throw things & her football videos have recently gone "viral" & been featured on many sites including, ESPN, Inside the NBA on TNT, Bleacher Report, TheLADbible, Barstool, The Chive, Coed, The Sport Bible, Whistle Sports & many more. It also lead to a live interview on SportsCenter.

Witty, irreverent & always smiling, Callie is an All-American chick or as she likes to call it a “Professional American”. In her third-grade journal she wrote: “I like sports, eating & sleeping & in my spare time I do my homework”...and not much has changed. 

Callie is a true “tomboy” and spent most of her life in cleats, sneakers or a hat, playing 3 sports in high school (soccer, basketball & softball). Then going on to play NCAA Division 1 Softball in college, while earning her degree in Business Marketing. 


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